Thursday, February 6, 2014

Elements of Educational Technology

Our assignment this week was to analyse the Association for Educational Communications and Technology's definition of educational technology.  We were expected to choose three elements of this definition that we thought were the most important.  Educational technology has always interested me but I have never really thought about this field in a philosophical sense. Like most people in this program, I see this field as an exciting, fast paced aspect of education that will lead us into the future.  As I worked through the introductory paragraph that was assigned, I felt myself thinking of the responsibilities an educational technology professional has to address and how important a field educational technology is for students and teachers.

By doing this assignment, I have furthered my understanding of the impact an educational technologist has on the learning environment.  They set the course a jurisdiction will follow in terms of planning and acquisition of resources.  They manage the resources and create ways for teachers and students to succeed in the use of the technology that was acquired.  Ultimately, they help ensure that learning takes place either in the classroom or in terms of professional development for educators.

I can certainly see the value in having us complete this assignment as we begin our studies in educational technology.  I wouldn't say my attitude has changed about educational technology, but I would say I now have a broader idea of what educational technology is.  Below, you will find a link to my assignment.

Brian Plastow's Introductory Paragraph on The Definition of Educational Technology