Sunday, March 5, 2017

EDTECH 532- Action Games 4 Fighting Games

I have never been a big fan of fighting games. This may because by the time Mortal Combat came out, I was in High School and playing video games became less and less of an attraction for me.  I did play the embedded  Karate Champ for awhile until I became frustrated enough to quit.  I couldn't really figure out the controls very well.  I then downloaded Brawhalla on Steam and played it for quite a while.

In the beginning, fighting games appear to be mindless games that require no skill but I have gained an appreciation for the strategy required to be successful in these games.  Instead of just punching, hitting and kicking without thinking, a successful player must actually be observant and react to what the enemy is doing.  This is very evident in the iPad game Infinity Blade.

Like all successful games, Infinity Blade gradual increases in difficulty, scaffolds the experience for the user and provides gradually increasingly abilities and rewards in the form of more powerful swords, armor, etc.

In the end, I won't be playing anymore fighting games in the near future, but it was fun to revisit this genre.