Tuesday, February 16, 2016

EDTECH 542 Week 5 Reflections

Our goal this week was to come up with the driving question for our project.  In other words, the question that will give the project it's direction and that will focus the energies of teacher and students alike.  Last week when I came up with the idea of my project, I actually named it after my driving question so this week I had to analyze the question I had made and verify that it follows the criteria of an effective driving question.

Driving questions are intended to be open-ended, answerable, challenging, of interest to students, and based on provincial or state standards.  The challenging nature of these questions often spawn more specific questions that need to be answered during the project. When these criteria are met, the result is often a more engaging experience for the students.

I do believe that my driving question, How do we overthrow a government and then maintain power"?" meets the aforementioned criteria and I am excited to see how this will work in practice as I am planning on using this with the classes I am teaching this semester.

We were also asked to create a visual project organizer.  Several online tools were suggested but I chose to try a service called Coggle to create a mind map version of the project.  Coggle was a great find.  It was easy to use and the product it created looks great.  I also plan on using this with students in the future.  An added bonus for sure.

Here is the link to my visual project organizer.