Tuesday, March 8, 2016

EDTECH 542 Topic 6- Integrating Curriculum

When I began my career I was fortunate enough to have worked in a very progressive middle school where integrating curriculum was both expected and celebrated.  All four core areas would embark on one or two integrated units per year.  These projects all concentrated on our curriculum and served as enrichment activities for our students.  It took a bit a of planning and teamwork on the part of the teachers but when we found the natural "fit" in each of our courses, our enthousiasme took over.

For my project on overthrowing a government I see a natural fit with my social studies curriculum and a novel study that could take part in an english class.  I can think of three english activities that would have a natural "fit" with my project.  First, english students could read the graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore prior to my entry event.  Second, students could do a novel study of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins where they focus on the motivation, the methods and obstacles much the same as my students are doing.  This could be followed up by a hypothesis exercise where students discuss which form of government would best fit Panem once the regime of President Snow was overthrown.  Finally the reflection essay could be done in english class as writing a variety of text is part of the Alberta  curriculum.

By focussing on the commonalities in curricula, integration can be done quite easily if there is communication and cooperation among teachers.  The result is a purposeful and engaging learning experience for the students.


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