Thursday, January 26, 2017

EDTECH 532- "What are the most important things to remember about "gamifying" education

There are few things one must remember when thinking about "gamifying" education.

First, gamifying education is very much about tangential learning which exposes the learner/player to content and information without forcing the point to hard.  In fact, learning happens simply through that exposure and the learner/player seeks out more information on their own accord.  Basically this leads to self-education.

Also, gamifying education enables learning by making it interesting.  This process bridges the gap between games solely intent on educating and games meant to entertain.  For example, while a fantasy game is loading, quotes and facts can appear on the screen and expose the player to some of the factual inspiration behind the game design.  If the player wants to learn more, the game can link to something like wikipedia which can provide more information.

To sum all of this up, gamifying education is simply enhances a learning experience with out taking the fun out of it.